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Sector 3.0

About project

This project began under a tight deadline. While others may have felt hindered or stifled by such a short time frame, we embraced the challenge. In just two months we designed the structure, UI, and UX for Sector 3.0’s website.

Sector 3.0 is an initiative and festival aimed at helping Polish organizations utilize the latest technology for socially conscious endeavors, put together by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

Project Time Frame

3 months


  • Coding - Smultron
  • Graphics - Smultron


Scope of work

  • kick-off workshop
  • analysis
  • technology audit
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • front end
  • cms
  • optimisation
  • manual testing
  • launch
  • support

Contact Us

Jakub Kozak

Jakub Kozak

Co-founder, Head of technology

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