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Tailored WordPress Solutions

WordPress is the most popular platform used on the web today. We provde comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

Our custom WordPress websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for performance and security. From initial design to final deployment, our expert team ensures that every aspect of your site is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Whether you need a simple blog, a robust e-commerce platform, or a complex corporate site, we provide scalable and flexible solutions to help your business succeed online.

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Why you should use WordPress

Whether you’re planning to build a large online store with custom integrations, a simple landing page, or a company website, WordPress can be an effective and economical solution. Many of our projects are based on this platform, and we consistently meet our clients’ business requirements. Your website will be optimized, smoothly running, and intuitive, serving as a powerful tool for generating leads, driving sales, and automating processes.

No license fees
WordPress is open-source software which means you don’t have to pay to use it.
No vendor lock
You will never be dependent on one software vendor. There are many WordPress developers in the market.
Control your data
WordPress can be installed on a server that you control, ensuring that the database remains your property.
Built-in support for many user roles
WordPress offers a robust user role framework, allowing you to efficiently control user access and manage workflow within your website.
Easy and intuitive to use
WordPress features an intuitive interface that is easy for administrators to navigate and manage.
Prioritizing SEO
WordPress has built-in support for SEO parameters, significantly simplifying the process of optimizing your website for search engines.
WordPress is a secure platform, continually enhanced by a dedicated community of developers, offering regular updates, security plugins, and robust protection against emerging threats.
Effortless Feature Extension
WordPress boasts excellent documentation and adheres to the best programming standards, making it easy to expand with new features, and offers a database of 60,000 free plugins to meet your specific needs.
WordPress is a leading solution on the internet today, supported by a large community of active developers, extensive infrastructure, and high-quality code.
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Jakub Kozak
Jakub Kozak
Co-founder, Head of technology
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