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Website development services

Website development services are our primary focus

We are an experienced team of programmers and designers. We have developed over two hundred websites over the past decade, maintaining a consistently high level of work.

We create websites with an emphasis on understanding the project goals, the highest quality of the software developed, and a refined management process that allows for timely and reliable web development services.


What kind of websites we develop

We create websites that fulfill a variety of purposes. Depending on your business needs, we design the following types of websites:

Landing page

We develop landing pages, which are small websites designed to sell single services or products.

Landing page is an indispensable part of marketing campaigns to attract the attention of users. If you are planning to sell a particular product or are planning to launch an advertising campaign – contact us.

We will help you build a visually appealing landing page that will achieve your business goals.

Company and product website

We design and launch websites designed to showcase large and small businesses and their products or services.

We know how to design a site that clearly shows the company’s assets, presents a structured offer and encourages customers to interact. We stress the issues of search engine positioning.

We create company websites with good visibility on the internet in mind and advise on solutions to get better and better results.

Online store (e-commerce)

We develop online stores whose main purpose is to present and sell unlimited number of products or services.

We configure payment systems, shopping cart mechanism, shipping systems and integration with external CRMs. We create software to handle the full purchase cycle.

When designing online stores, we emphasize attractive visuals, architecture that facilitates the purchase process and automation of processes.

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Other types of web development

Not sure what type of website will accomplish your goals best? Write to us – we will analyze your project and suggest possible approaches.

Or perhaps you need a custom solution? We have experience in creating internet blogs with great reaches, multimedia reports and custom web applications.

We are happy to take on difficult programming tasks that require combining multiple services, solving computational problems and processing complex data sets.

Web development with Smultron

Web development is a service we have excelled at for nearly 12 years. We design and develop professional websites that support the effective sale of products, are advertising for business and a solid foundation for marketing strategies.

Consulting and advising

We will help you select effective solutions and refine your ideas. We will point out opportunities to optimize your costs and take care of organizing all the work up to the launch of your website online.

Customized web design

We will create a graphic design in accordance with your company’s identity or propose completely new ideas based on our experience.

Responsive website development

We will customize your website to display on all screens. The website will look great on smartphones, tablets and computer screens.

Clear and friendly UI

Before we start designing graphics, we will prepare a well thought-out prototype for three types of screens.

Easy to use CMS

Along with the website, you will get an intuitive CMS that will allow you to self-manage text, images and other multimedia on your new website. The tool will be based on the versatile WordPress system.


We create websites so that future expansion is possible. You will be given the opportunity to scale up your site in the future as your business grows.

SEO optimization

Building websites must take into account search engine optimization. We take care of the speed of loading and operation of the site. We are well aware of the issues related to SEO. We will help your website get good results in search engines.

Website security

We will create an attack-proof website and advise you on how to keep your data highly secure.

One year warranty care

For 12 months, we monitor the performance of your website and respond to any problems. We will remain available when there is a need for design changes or when you need our help.

Free web development consultation

We start a web development service by analyzing your business goals. We want to find out what kind of website you want to create and what tasks you want to accomplish.

Let’s talk about your project. We’ll advise you on technology and suggest what solutions work in practice.

We will conduct a free analysis of your needs and help you optimize the cost of your website.

From my perspective, working on the site was quite a challenge – the site had to meet the expectations of the audience, but of course also mine : ) Smultron showed patience and conscientiousness during the cooperation, so the result is amazing. I am very satisfied and sincerely recommend their web development services.

Marta Dymek – JadLonomia BLOGGER

Website development service according to values

Website development requires technical and organizational knowledge.

However, in our view, the success of a software project requires more than that. We believe that the high quality of our work is guaranteed by our three core values:


Web development on schedule

We know how important it is to launch a working website on time, accurately estimate the amount of work and meet deadlines.

Working with us, you always know which stage of the schedule you are at.

You also get the ability to view the current status of the project at any time.

Smooth communication

We take care to understand each other

From the very first conversation with us, you will find that we know how to communicate

We know what questions to ask. We can answer any of your web development questions in a clear and understandable way.

We will tailor communication to your favorite channels. We like to talk on the phone, write emails and arrange meetings as often as needed (but not more often).


You can trust us

We work ethically or not at all.

We treat your project as if it were our own, never abandon a job, and make sure we do everything necessary to get the website up and running.

The team was professional, and communication between us was easy and precise. The team used emails, phone calls and live meetings. Their honesty and reliability are unlimited, they were able to solve 100% of the problems.

Tomasz Mach – CEO Binary Minds

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