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WordPress maintenance services

We analyze, support, develop and provide long-term WordPress maintenance services for websites and web applications. We would be happy to take care of your project as well.

New business needs require application development and constantly evolving technologies create the need to update and monitor web-based software.  Contact us if you are not satisfied with the current IT support or would like to develop your project.

Our WordPress maintenance services cover three areas:


WordPress and plugin updates


Performance analysis: page speed and SEO recommendations

Repair of errors

Repair of errors, failures and unexpected problems

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    WordPress and plugins update, security audit

    WordPress needs regular updates, an un-updated website gets old. Every few weeks, code changes are released to improve the security of the application and adapt it to changing technical requirements. Sometimes new functionality is added.

    If updates are not performed for an extended period of time, the current software version becomes less and less compatible with your system. Your service becomes vulnerable to attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities that would have been fixed during the update.

    On top of that, your application or service may also become less and less compatible with the current technologies that Internet users are using (for example, browser versions). 

    WordPress and plugins update
    Updated version of WordPress is available

    The longer the time that an update is neglected, the more likely it is that the update cannot be performed without additional work. The new version may be incompatible with the software on the server, and plugins may stop working with each other. 

    We’ve put together a guide that will allow you to perform a simple WordPress update yourself.

    We also conduct a WordPress security audit – we check what can be improved to reduce the risk of data being taken over by an attacker who exploits security holes. We analyze the report and make the necessary fixes.

    Improving website effectiveness

    Perhaps you are not satisfied with the number of customers gained through your website, the number of visits or the size of sales in your online store. 

    Using our years of experience in creating web projects we will analyze the service and determine how you can improve its effectiveness. 

    • we will analyze SEO – the effectiveness in search engines
    • we will look for errors
    • analyze the speed of the website
    • we will prepare a security report

    All the problems we identify will be described in an accessible way and we will be able to fix them.

    WordPress unexpected problems

    We will help you diagnose and repair unexpected problems and failures. We respond quickly and effectively, and we can track down the true cause of the error and fix its source so that the problem does not return. We can help in the following cases:

    • sudden crash of WordPress or Woocommerce
    • unexpected PHP, MySQL, or JavaScript error
    • errors visible on the page
    • problem with server
    • need to quickly modify the operation of the site
    • identifying sources of recurring problems

    Main WordPress maintenance services

    • WP / WordPress Core Updates
    • Plugin / Plug-in And Theme Updates
    • Data and service code backup
    • Monitoring the correctness of the backup operation
    • Optimization of website speed
    • Server response time monitoring
    • Security audit (WPScan report and bug fixes)
    • SEO analysis and optimization
    • Analysis of service logs
    • Uptime monitoring

    If you are not sure what exactly you need write to us. We will analyze your project and advise you what actions can benefit your website.

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