WordPress maintenance services

We provide analysis, development and long-term support of WordPress websites. We are happy to take care of your project.

We back up your data, update your WordPress system, optimize SEO, monitor performance and respond to technical issues.

If you would like to take care of your WordPress project, or if you are not satisfied with your current IT support – contact us.

WordPress support – types of assistance

WordPress update

WordPress version update – we regularly check if another version of WordPress has been released and make the necessary updates.

We keep WordPress up to date and check the proper functioning of the application. We maintain the latest WP version at all times.

WordPress SEO

We inspect the code of the website for errors that lower the position in search engines. We prepare a list of corrections and deal with their implementation.

Page speed optimization – a check to see if there are no elements in the site that load slower and find opportunities for speed optimization.

WordPress repair

We regularly test your website.

We check if the site works properly, analyze the faults detected and make the appropriate corrections.

We fix errors in the functioning and appearance of the website. We make the website work better and better and remain user-friendly.

WordPress backup

We create a backup of the database and media added by editors before performing updates.

We configure the backup process so that a copy of the data is created regularly.

The data is sent to another server so that the service can be recovered even if the entire server is lost.

WordPress plugins update

WordPress plugin update – we update all plugins used on the website.

We monitor if all plugins are working properly, if they are still fulfilling their tasks, or if they are approaching their due date (in case of paid plugins).

WordPress security

Security audit – we check the security of WordPress performance and plug-ins used.

We check if any new vulnerabilities in the code have been discovered.

If threats are detected, we prepare a report and make the necessary corrections.

WordPress support – what you get

What you gain by using our WordPress support:

  • Up-to-date version of WordPress and all plugins
  • Monitored status and security of WordPress
  • WordPress backup – data security through regular backups
  • Optimized site speed
  • SEO optimization of WordPress
  • Troubleshooting of bugs, crashes and unexpected problems with WordPress
  • Guaranteed availability of our team

WordPress repair – troubleshooting

We will help diagnose and repair unexpected problems and failures.

We respond quickly and effectively, we can track down the real cause of the error and fix its source so that the problem does not return.

We can help you in the following cases:

  • Sudden WordPress or Woocommerce crash, blocked page, display errors
  • Unexpected PHP, MySQL or JavaScript error, error 500, page loading problems
  • Errors seen on the site, unable to access the site
  • Server problem, error 500, error 502, non-working domain
  • Quick modification of page operation, change in data processing
  • Identifying causes of recurring problems, streamlining processes, improving site performance

How we work

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the volume of customers gained through your website, the number of visits or the size of your online store sales.

Using our years of experience in web design, we will analyze the site and determine how you can improve its effectiveness.

  • we will analyze SEO – the effectiveness in search engines
  • we will look for errors
  • analyze the speed of the website
  • we will prepare a security report

All the problems we identify will be described in an accessible way and we will be able to fix them.

Why you should update WordPress

An out-of-date website is getting old. Every few weeks, code changes are published to improve the security of the application and adapt it to changing technical requirements. Sometimes new functionality is also added.

If updates are not performed for a long time, the current version of the software becomes less and less compatible with the running application. The service becomes vulnerable to attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities that would have been fixed during the update.

In addition, the application may perform worse and worse over time, as it becomes less compatible with the current technologies that Internet users use (for example, browser versions).

WordPress and plugins update
Updated version of WordPress is available

Why you should perform WordPress backups

Data loss is a rare event. Having an up-to-date (current day) backup turns a potential disaster into a temporary inconvenience.

Data loss can happen as a result of hostile software, the deliberate actions of third parties, due to mistakes or physical hardware failure.

The more business-critical the website, the greater the value of measures to prevent total data loss.

Why monitor WordPress security

We perform analysis of the application to reduce the risk of data interception by an attacker who exploits security vulnerabilities.

We analyze the security report and make the necessary corrections to the code.

The security of a website also depends on the behavior of its administrators and editors.

We analyze the ways of accessing the application and the mistakes made in the process of logging in, transferring passwords, etc., and create recommendations to eliminate security risks.

Main WordPress maintenance services

We have prepared instructions that will allow you to perform a simple WordPress update yourself.

If you are not sure what exactly you need write to us. We will analyze your project and advise you what actions can benefit your website.

  • WP / WordPress Core Updates
  • Plugin / Plug-in And Theme Updates
  • Data and service code backup
  • Monitoring the correctness of the backup operation
  • Optimization of website speed
  • Server response time monitoring
  • Security audit (WPScan report and bug fixes)
  • SEO analysis and optimization
  • Analysis of service logs
  • Uptime monitoring

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