We are frontend developers

Our speciality

We are frontend developers with a decade of experience. We change the graphic design into a fast, responsive and flawlessly working user interface. The result of our work is a tested set of HTML files, ready for implementation in the next stage of the project. We analyze, reflect and advise. During our work we share our suggestions and ideas.

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How we work
Graphic design

We can do the whole project for you starting from the audit, creating UX design (prototype) and then UI design (design). If you already have a graphic design prepared by another person or agency, we can join the work at this stage and work on delivered graphic files changing them into a clickable interface.

We have written an article for designers about how to prepare graphic design to make the work of frontend developers easier in the next stage.

Frontend development technologies

We work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We use Vue.js or Angular frameworks.

We test the frontend manually, using automated tests and tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights or Browserstack. We use a mobile-first approach. We make sure that the UI is displayed and works properly on mobile devices.


The UI prepared by us will display correctly in browsers on all devices. Size and layout of elements on the screen will dynamically adjust to the size of the device so that the use of the interface is easy and intuitive.

Our work is verified for compliance with current WCAG guidelines (take a look – we wrote two articles about them: WCAG compliance: introduction and WCAG guidelines – levels and criteria).


We study rendering time, manipulating HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have the tools and knowledge to make sure your site runs fast.

We provide a 12-month warranty on our work.

Let's talk
Jakub Kozak
Jakub Kozak
Co-founder, Head of technology
Are you in need of an experienced programming team? Let's have a conversation.
Smultron Web Development
12 Slawkowska Street
31-014 Krakow, Poland
TAX ID: PL6762482785
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