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Websites for real estate

We are an experienced team that creates websites for real estate developers.

We will build a professional website that will effectively present the offer for sale of apartments, houses, or any other type of real estate.

We will take care of the entire process of launching the website. We will advise adequate and effective solutions for the real estate industry. We will deliver a complete website and provide a long service guarantee.

Websites for real estate – learn about the product

When you decide to work with us, you will receive a complete service that will result in a professional website for a real estate development project.

What our product is:

A fine-tuned website

Together we will discuss your requirements and program the website based on an attractive graphic design.

We will adjust the appearance of the website to your company’s visual identity.

CMS WordPress

We will prepare and launch a content management system (CMS WordPress).

The CMS will allow you to freely edit content and manage the investments you sell.

Launching the website

We will take care of launching the site on a public server and make the website visible on the Internet.

We will select a cost-effective server and prepare it so that the website runs quickly and without fail. We will configure the domain of your choice.


We will monitor the correct operation of the website for 12 months.

We will provide you with instructions on how to use the website and show you how to manage the published content yourself.

We will check the speed of operation, correct display on multiple devices and look at the quality of SEO optimization.

Extensive website support

We do not stop at handing over a working website. 

For 12 months, we monitor the correct operation of the site and perform monthly reviews, updates and data backups.

  • Data Backup. We regularly back up the website’s data so that in case of unexpected data loss, the website can be restored.
  • WordPress update. We update the website system every month. Always up-to-date version ensures correct operation and security of the website.
  • Plugin updates. We regularly update all WordPress plug-ins used to ensure proper operation of the website and data security.
  • Security audit. We conduct a monthly security scan, check if potential threats have been discovered and remove them.
  • Speed of operation. We conduct a system speed audit to make sure the site’s loading speed remains high on all types of devices.
  • SEO analysis. We check to see if any issues have arisen during the use of the website that affect the position in search results. We conduct an SEO audit and provide you with recommendations that can improve your website’s online visibility.

What you will get

We design and implement websites for real estate developers, which are an effective presentation of apartments and condos and allow for efficient sales of the entire development.

Responsive layout (RWD).

RWD – website adapted to all devices. The investment website will display correctly on smartphones, tablets and large screens.

Friendly interface

We will prepare a well-thought-out design and structure of the website for all screen sizes. Users using the website will easily reach all relevant information. This will increase the conversion rate and the number of contacts with your merchants.

Apartment status management.

Easily update apartment statuses yourself. The site will clearly show your potential customers which units are available and which have already been sold or reserved.

Self-edited content.

We will prepare an easy-to-use and intuitive CMS that will allow you to manage the entire content of the site yourself. We will base the CMS on the popular and refined WordPress system.

Short implementation time.

Our experience in the real estate sales industry allows us to launch a new site in 3-4 weeks.

Optimized costs

Based on our experience in the real estate industry, we have optimized the process of designing and developing websites and managing the implementation process. This allows us to reduce the cost of the project while maintaining the highest quality of implementation.

The basis of investment marketing.

Selling real estate requires effective marketing. A well-designed, professional website will be its solid foundation and allow you to sell quickly.

Flexibility and expansion.

We create websites so that they can be efficiently expanded in the future. New content, features or additional integrations always possible to add.

SEO Optimization.

One of the main tasks of a developer’s website is to gain traffic from search engines. We are well acquainted with the ins and outs of SEO and create websites in accordance with current standards. We take care of the speed of loading and operation of the website.

Security optimization.

We will create a site resistant to attacks and advise you on how to maintain the right level of security.

Technical support.

You are not left alone with the new software. For 12 months, we will monitor the performance of the service and respond to any problems we detect. We will be available when you want to make changes to the project or when you need our help.

Advice and consultation.

We will advise you on which solutions are effective and refine ideas together. We will help you optimize the cost of your website project and take care of all the technical and organizational side.

Try the website demo

We have prepared a demo version of the site for the developer to allow you to see our product for yourself.

The developer website demo also has a CMS (content management system). If you’d like to see what a standalone content management site can look like, schedule a short demonstration with us. 

Website for a developer – features

Websites for developers are used to present and sell apartments or buildings. We have identified a set of elements that is particularly effective in carrying out this task. In the demo site for a developer we tried to present all possible functionalities.

Your project can be customized according to your requirements. We can change the set of elements used, and if you need custom solutions – we will help develop them for your development website.

  • Presentation of the company’s offer
  • Clear presentation of the list of sold properties (apartments, condos, houses)
  • Changes in the status of properties and easy editing of their data
  • Presentation of the location of the investment – location on Google map
  • Image gallery
  • Easily publish video content
  • Actionable contact forms
  • Apartment reservation form
  • Thoughtful CTA (Call To Action) elements.
  • Unlimited number of text pages
  • Ability to integrate the website with 3D presentations and mockups
  • Possibility to integrate the website with the newsletter system

Free consultation

If you are looking for a way to present your construction investment on the Internet write or call us. Together we will consider what solution will allow you to achieve your business goals.

Clients about us

We’ve been working with Smultron since 2018, when we entrusted to build a survey exploring women’s satisfaction with their childbirth experiences and presenting the results captured on www.gdzierodzic.info.

Building such a tool is a very big and demanding challenge, Smultron met it 100%. 

The effect has exceeded our expectations, we are very pleased with the functionality, efficiency and ease of use of this tool.

Monika Piekarek Board Member

Their experience and holistic view of the e-commerce environment, they always found the best possible solutions for us, both in terms of performance and cost. I would recommend them to anyone.

Erkki Johansson Co-owner

I am very pleased by the over all cooperation which is also why we are still working together. The web page turned out as planned, even better than I had in mind. Everything is working as planned. From the first meeting, offer, development, testing, and delivery, it has always been clear. Through the team’s cooperation and expertise, the client was presented with an end product that was better than what they expected.

Jesper Hammarstrand CEO

The team was professional, and communication between teams was easy and precise. The team utilized emails, phone calls, and live meetings to sustain great engagement.(…) Their honesty and reliability are endless and they were able to solve 100% of the issues.

Tomasz Mach CEO

‘Smultron actively contributed their expertise and diligence to the system upgrade design, providing unmatched support and reliability.

Timely implementation and excellent customer service make Smultron a service definitely worth recommending.

Małgorzata Olszewska Head of Events 

The University of Wroclaw highly recommends Smultron Software lab. We contacted Smultron to assist in the creation of recruitment software for our school. Their team was fully committed to our timeline and fully involved in the project. Overall, we were very satisfied with the end result and consider Smultron a trusted business partner.

Dr Andrzej Ostrowski

Smultron is a well-organized and, what is extremely important, very communicative team, provides professional service. Their individual approach to the customer and commitment results in mutually satisfying results.

Agnieszka Tworzyk


Mirek Kliś Co-founder

‘We’ve worked with Smultron on numerous projects, the majority of which were website-based. I found their team to be very professional everytime we collaborated. Smultron’s skills are superb and their customer support is extraordinary. Each time we encountered a design or programming challenge, they had no problem producing a creative solution. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience with your website or digital platform, I highly recommend Smultron.

Hubert Szyperski Founder

The platform was completed according to the agreed schedule and specifications. Communication with Smultron was extremely fast, and they answered all our questions about the work and the functional and technological solutions in detail.

Marcin Marszałek CFO

This project was a big challenge for me. My blog had to meet my own standards, as well as the standards my visitors have come to expect from me. Throughout the entire process Smultron was patient and conscientious, ultimately leading to an amazing final result. :) I’m very satisfied with their work and would definitely recommend Smultron to anyone looking for help with their website or blog.

Marta Dymek Blogger

Gentlemen, I take my hat off to you. You were professional throughout this entire process and working with your team has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for treating my project with the respect it deserved.

Oskar Olszewski Founder

The men and women from Smultron are the best, most effective, and most flexible team of web-developers my company has had the pleasure of working with over the past 10 years. Their team possesses the unique business acumen and knowledge necessary to truly understand their clients’ goals and projects. They will work seamlessly with your own team, and your project will end up even better than originally intended. If you just want the same old final product, there are plenty of other software developers out there; choose Smultron if you want your project to turn out amazing.

Piotr Gawinski Co-founder

We have been very happy with the high level of service our project received. We highly recommend Smultron’s IT services with the greatest enthusiasm. Their team always responds quickly to our requests and delivers quality results.

Mike Sygula Co-founder

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