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We pride ourselves on offering a full array of software and IT products and services. Whether you are building your first website or interested in expanding your online presence, Smultron Software Lab can provide the very best in design, functionality, and responsiveness. Branding in today’s day and age is a constantly changing landscape, and our custom software solutions can help you create a unique experience for online visitors.

Our services aren’t just limited to traditional websites; reach mobile users with an iOS app, sell your products with an intuitive e-commerce platform, or gamify your landing page with an interactive mini-game. Our team will work with you to develop the right strategy, and right code, for your vision.

We offer comprehensive services in the following areas:

Online Platforms and web portals

Websites and landing pages

E-commerce platforms

Mobile apps

Web apps

Internet games


We believe a transparent, structured working relationship with our clients produces the best possible results. The Smultron team will work closely with you to plan out and organize your idea for a digital platform or website, all while using our technological expertise to account for user experience and interface design.

Beginning with a brainstorming session, we collaborate with each of our clients to expand on and analyse their digital project. Once we have determined the right software and code, we begin designing. Feedback is important during this phase, and we include our clients in every aspect of the design process. After your platform has been tested, optimized, and launched, we offer support as well.

Our process includes:

  • kick-off workshop
  • analysis
  • technology audit
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • front end
  • cms
  • database
  • optimisation
  • manual testing
  • automated tests
  • launch
  • support

Cooperation models

Dedicated Team

The project is created by a client team (functional specs, architecture) in close collaboration with the end-customer but the development process is executed by the Smultron team. Here you entrust Smultron Software Lab with the whole project and a dedicated team will be a separate entity with its own management and frameworks.

Team Extension

The client assigns tasks and manages outsourced team members in the same way as his own local team. The local & outsourcing teams work together as one. Here you’re going to augment the in-house development team with Smultron software engineers that will complement the skill gaps in your staff.

Payment options

Fixed price

Pay a fixed price fee for our services. This option is intended for clients who know exactly what they want.


Pay a fee based on the amount of time and resources used during the formulation, development, and launch of your project. In this scenario we usually work in short cycles, or sprints, and reevaluate fees as the project evolves.  

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Jakub Kozak

Co-founder, Head of technology

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