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100lat Polsko! Onet

About project

In relation to celebrating the hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining its independence, Onet started an image campaign called 100lat Polsko!

We were asked to design and prepare an online magazine presenting articles published by Onet within the scope of the campaign.

We were motivated by a the short time for executing the campaign and a need to prepare an original navigation – we created an entire website with a non-standard and friendly arrangement in a month, focusing mainly on mobility.

Realisation time

1 month


  • Coding - Smultron
  • Graphics - Smultron


Scope of work

  • kick-off workshop
  • analysis
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • front end
  • cms
  • database
  • optimisation
  • manual testing
  • launch
  • support

Contact with Us

Jakub Kozak

Jakub Kozak

Co-founder, Head of technology

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