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The scope of our actions

We start by gaining a deep understanding of the client's needs and project goals to deliver personalized solutions.

Technology audit

We conduct a detailed technology audit, identifying the best tools and solutions tailored to the project's needs.

Technology audit
Front-end web development

We create responsive and dynamic user interfaces, leveraging the latest front-end technologies.

Front-end web development

We design and implement efficient and scalable databases, providing a robust foundation for your website.

WordPress CMS

We build websites based on the popular content management system WordPress, customizing them to meet the client's individual needs.

WordPress CMS

We ensure optimization for search engine rankings, security, and page loading speed.

Manual testing

We conduct comprehensive manual testing, verifying the functionality of each feature on various devices available on the market, ensuring flawless operation and high product quality.

Manual testing

We deploy the website on the production server, ensuring a smooth process and minimizing potential disruptions.

WordPress maintenance

We provide regular technical support and maintenance for the website, ensuring its continuous availability and performance.

WordPress maintenance
Warranty service

We provide a 12-month warranty on the work performed, ensuring clients complete security and confidence in the functioning of the website after its launch.

Warranty service
Main goals
and project challenges

We embarked on the exciting journey of developing a dynamic website for Yggdrasil Gaming, which aimed to effectively communicate the company’s offerings, share valuable information, and create a platform for career opportunities. The project encompassed a wide range of requirements, including a comprehensive games portfolio that allows users to explore game specifications and experience demo versions.

Functional interface
Create a new website that effectively communicates the company's offerings.
Game list
Create a place that will serve as a comprehensive game portfolio that allows users to explore game specifications and experience demo versions.
User-friendly CMS
Integrate a Content Management System that will allow the Yggdrasil team to effectively manage their website.
Recruitment process support
Integrate a job offers platform into the website, complete with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for efficient talent acquisition.
Company blog
Content management system

As the technology partner for Yggdrasil Gaming, we took on the end-to-end development of their website, leveraging our expertise and experience to meet their unique needs. Our journey began with a meticulous analysis and audit of their existing technologies, identifying areas for enhancement and optimization. We believe in empowering our clients with the best tools, so we chose WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) to ensure seamless content management and updates for Yggdrasil Gaming.

As one of the most important places on the website, we brought the Yggdrasil Gaming blog to life with beautiful loading animations, making the user experience more engaging and captivating.

Company history timeline

Frontend development was a crucial aspect of the project, and our skilled team meticulously crafted an intuitive user interface that reflects Yggdrasil Gaming’s brand identity. We paid meticulous attention to detail to deliver a visually appealing website that captivates visitors from the moment they arrive.
To streamline the recruitment process, we seamlessly integrated a job offers platform into the website, complete with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for efficient talent acquisition.

Recruitment platform
Integration with Google Maps

We also integrated Google Maps into the website to provide visitors with accurate location-based information, ensuring easy navigation and access to office addresses or event venues.

But, at Smultron Software House, our commitment doesn’t end with project completion. We continue to provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for the Yggdrasil Gaming website. Our dedicated team remains vigilant in performing regular updates, resolving any issues promptly, and optimizing performance to ensure that the website remains at its best.

Google Maps integration
Contact with the Yggdrasil

Throughout the project, we employed Basecamp as our primary communication and project management tool. This enabled us to maintain clear and transparent communication channels with Yggdrasil Gaming, ensuring that everyone involved was on the same page. We believe in effective collaboration, and Basecamp facilitated seamless coordination and timely delivery of project milestones.

Yggdrasil gaming logo

At Smultron Software House, we take great pride in our partnership with Yggdrasil Gaming and the successful development of their website. Our commitment to technical excellence, effective communication, and ongoing support has solidified a long-term collaboration. The Yggdrasil Gaming website now stands as a testament to our dedication in delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. We look forward to continuing our journey with Yggdrasil Gaming,

We are thrilled with the results delivered by Smultron Software House. They not only completed the project ahead of schedule but also streamlined our data updates, implemented multiple automation processes, and significantly improved site loading times. Their team sprints and communicates effectively, and their diligent work method ensures our ongoing engagement. Working with them, we always feel that our time and attention are fully dedicated.

New website of Yggdrasil Gaming
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