Smultron Software Lab Celebrates Second 5-Star Review on B2B Reviews & Rating Platform

The significance and importance of a website for a business are similar to having an actual brick and mortar store or location. You can say that a website is a space in the world wide web for customers to visit your business. It’s an additional space for your clients and customers can go to learn more about your business. Furthermore, you can utilize your website as an extension of your store! E-Commerce is booming, don’t get left behind.

There is no excuse to not have a website for your business! Stop slacking around. You can be reaching out to new clients every day and all it takes is a website. Going digital is the future and you don’t want to miss out on this. The convenience that the internet brings is something that you can take advantage of.

Hopefully, we convinced you about the power of going digital! The next step is choosing the best partner that will build your business’ website. That’s where Smultron Software Lab comes in! We are a versatile software house that offers the latest full-cycle custom digital solutions.

Our portfolio includes projects from both B2B and B2C clients. We provide websites, apps, web portals, e-commerce platforms, and even games!

We are passionate about bringing the best digital solutions for our clients! As a matter of fact, we just recorded our second 5-star review from Clutch! It is a well-respected B2B reviews and rating platform that provides data and information for businesses who are looking for the best service providers.

Here is our latest review from our Clutch’s profile:

We collaborated with a web developing company to create a medical database that connects doctors to hospitals in order to facilitate preparations for surgeries. We used PHP framework, MySQL database using AWS infrastructure, and Azure web services. 

“We knew that people from Smultron cared about the project as much as we did. There was a mutual trust.”

Tomasz Mach, CEO of Binary Minds

We are always grateful for having such amazing clients who took their time to write these reviews! It is an amazing feeling to have our hard work recognized like this. Our team will always be thankful for the kind words.

Apart from this amazing review, you can also view our company over at The Manifest. They are a business listings company that highlights top agencies for each industry. We are listed as one of the top 100 web development companies in Poland!

Looking to purvey your company into the digital landscape? Give our office a call, our team is here to guide you through your new journey.

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